Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home for the Holidays

The three youngest grandkids getting acquainted--Sophie, Gavin and Regan

Frank and Jared at an Ohio State football game vs Penn State. Very cold but fun.

Well, after several months of being gone more than we were home, it looks like we will get to spend time in Heber for a while. Though it has turned cold and the trees have lost their leaves and the flowers are frozen, yet it feels good to stay warm and cozy by a nice wood stove.

Raking leaves has been an endless job this fall. I realize now that I planted way too many trees over the years and am paying the price. In between trips and this past week Frank and I have raked and bagged 26 large bags of leaves and other debris blown down by the wind. Frank was not looking forward to plowing them into the garden or hauling them off and I was not looking forward to another job--digging canna and dahlia tubers and storing them. Suddenly I had an epiphany--why not put all the bags of leaves on top of the row of flower bulbs to mulch them and let them stay in their underground beds! It would save both of us lots of work. . . . The next morning after lining the bags on top of the plants neatly, I found lots of the bags torn open and leaves scattered everywhere in the garden along with telltale elk tracks and droppings. The elk obviously liked the bags of leaves--thought they were put there especially for them to munch on. Anyway, we rebagged leaves, plowed some under and then added ladders and fencing used for green bean poles, etc. to anchor the bags down and hopefully keep the @#&*^# elk at bay. I know it looks tacky but seems to be working so far. Hopefully the bulbs won't freeze.

We also noticed the water in our fishpond was looking like a well-brewed cup of tea--almost black from leaves blowing in and fouling the water. The little goldfish were coming to the top gasping for fresh air. Even though we had cleaned the pond (a nasty, time-consuming job)a few weeks before, we decided it definitely needed to be cleaned again. We scooped out buckets of the dark water and used a wet-dry vacuum to suction the water out, catching the fish, which were very hard to see in the murky water, with a little net along with leaves and other trash that got scooped up. We put them in a bucket of clean water while we cleaned out the pond. When we got all the water out, I realized that there was one fish missing, a little black one that had not turned gold yet. I had seen it that morning. We had checked carefully as we emptied each bucket or vacuum full of water but had not seen it. We didn't know what had happened to it but a while later after I had started filling the pond with water and put the plants, rocks and fish back in the the pond, I noticed laying on a pile of leaves nearby, the little black fish. It seemed lifeless, but because it was a cold, cloudy day, I put the fish back in the pond and it immediately swam away! It had been out of the water 30 minutes to an hour but amazingly had survived. If that had happened in the summer, the story would have ended much differently.

We've had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday with Wendy and Lance and their families but missed Kristal and Kandra and families; neither of then could be here. It was somewhat cold and wet but didn't put a damper on activities. Lance and family helped put wood under our porch to be readily available when needed. We also took a little trip north of the high school to look at ancient petroglyphs on some of the canyon walls. We played dominoes and other games together which was fun. Frank and some of his family, Lance, Carson and Dave and his family, all went to Flagstaff to watch high school state football championship games on Saturday. St. Johns won the 2A title and Blue Ridge (Pinetop-Lakeside), a 3A team, played Payson but lost in the second overtime--a heartbreaking championship loss for them. Our own Mogollon High School won the state 1A title a couple of weeks ago. Hooray for our mountain teams!

Now that we're home its time to get ready for Christmas. I have lots of sewing to do and hopefully can get it done in time to get it mailed all off. . .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off again, on again, gone again Finnigan

The last couple of months have been kinda crazy and a hectic pace for a couple of old duffers like us. I was home from Columbus a couple of weeks trying to catch up on three weeks worth of projects inside and out and enjoying the beautiful fall weather and then had all the family home the first weekend in October for Gavin's baby blessing at our home, since it was General Conference that weekend. We had a really nice time with everyone, including Jared's family at both that event and a baby shower for Kandra the day before. Kristal and Kandra and kiddies stayed an extra 2-3 weeks & enjoyed getting to know the newest little member of the family.

After that we accompanied Kandra and Gavin on their flight back home to Ohio, since Frank had meetings in Cincinnati for a week. Jared had gone back two weeks previously as his Fall Break from school had ended. He was definitely glad to see the return of his little family and had the house clean and decorated for fall plus plenty of Halloween treats on hand.

We are home again for a couple of days, doing laundry, paying bills and other necessities before we go on the road again.

Regan modeling an apron her mother sewed for her. I was amazed at how quickly and expertly she got it done!

Sophie getting to know her cute little cousin Gavin

Couldn't resist an opportunity to get all three of the littlest grandkids at one time in one place.

Grandpa and Gavin in Ohio

What a handsome little boy and as good as he is good looking!

Kandra has Gavin ready to go Trunk or Treating in his cute little pumpkin costume. It fit him just right--he didn't need any stuffing to fill it out!

Naptime for all! Taking care of baby is an exhausting job.

Four generations--Kandra, Gavin, Great Grandma Burnham and Grandma Greer (me) at my mom's home in Mesa. Her yard always has lots of pretty flowers blooming.

Well, now its off to the Rez for a couple of days while Frank does Tech Prep stuff in Chinle, Kayenta and Ganado, then he will take me to St. George. He will have to return to Arizona a few days while he attends meetings in Prescott and then he will return to Utah. We will take care of Lance's four children while he and Shannon head to the Mediterranean for a cruise to several ports in Italy plus Malta, Spain, etc. We tried to convince them we needed to go also to help them celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary but no deal.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trendy Pendants

I love the new pendants Kristal has available in 'Kristal's Digital Creations' store. Here is the link to look at them. Perhaps you can win one as a prize. Check it out! Just cut and paste this address into your browser and Voila!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back Home for a Time

Guess a month is long enough to go between blogs. Like exercise or dieting, it is hard to get back into after stopping for a while. The past couple of months have been busy, first in Utah helping Kristal and family move to Salt Lake and then this month in Ohio with Kandra, first awaiting the birth of her baby and then the event and aftermath. I had rushed out there ahead of schedule because the doctor assured her that the baby would come that week. Well. . .a week and a half later, when she had continued to dilate and efface but no labor, the doctor decided that Kandra might be able to use a little help. That Thursday, the 4th of September, she was admitted and induced. Things progressed slowly due to the baby's big head but that evening about 7pm a beautiful little baby boy, Gavin Reid Owens, was born weighing 7# 14 oz, 21" long and with a 14 1/2 inch circ. head. With long legs, he should be a natural athlete like his parents and just bulging with brains!

It was fun spending time with the new parents and 12th grandchild and hard to leave them. What made it easier was knowing that they will be here the first part of October during Jared's fall break; all of our kids will come for Gavin's baby blessing. As we were reminded today at church, our posterity brings us our greatest joys in life.

Daddy's Boy--just minutes old
Precious Bundle--worth waiting for!
Proud Grandpa--number 12 grandchild and 5th grandson
Dr.'s Diagnosis: Perfect in every way!
Go Ohio State Buckeyes! Ready for the big game--at least Gavin was, the team was not.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Off to Ohio

Well, I'm leaving for Ohio in the norning to await the arrival of Kandra's baby and stay a while to help out. I'm really excited to go but I'm kind of sad that when I come home, our yard, which has benefitted from the wonderful rains this summer, will most likely have had frosts and won't be lovely like now. So in order that I don't have withdrawals while I'm away, I'm posting more pictures that I can look at and remember. .

Pretty Pennstemon

Fragrant Phlox

Bold Black-eyed Susan

Perennial pansies

Dazzling Daylily

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am working toward a whole foood, plant based diet, eliminating animal protein, as recommended by Dr. Campbell in the book, The China Study (see below). It is very satisfying and has taken away my cravings for sweets. Its amazing to me that what he advocates in his book is basically exactly what we find in the Word of Wisdom.

I have gone on the internet to look for recipes that don't contain any and they are very plentiful. Just do a search for 'vegetarian recipes' or 'vegan recipes'. Lots of them contain ingredients that are kinda hard to come by in Heber, such as Tofu Cream Cheese, etc. There are still many things available even in our little Heber Country Store that make satisfying and nutritious meals.

When we were coming home from Utah, we stopped at a Sizzler to eat and I got a big green salad with all the trimmings, including peas, garbanza beans, beets, sunflower seeds, etc. and then had a plate of fruit. It was really good and I certainly didn't miss the meat, cheese, ice cream, etc.

Yesterday I tried this recipe for muffins which I have had for years, but which was originally for a cake. I decreased the sugar by half but I think if I make it again I would decrease it by half again because it is pretty sweet. You could also substitute raw apple, pineapple, carrots, zucchini or any thing you want instead of the applesauce.

Eggless, Butterless, Milkless Muffins
1 c brown sugar
1 c applesauce
2 c. seedless raisins
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cloves
1 tsp salt

Boil together 5 minutes. Let cool; when completely cold, add:
3 c whole wheat flour
3 tsp baking soda
1/2-1 c nuts if desired

Pour into 9x13 pan or muffin cups.
Bake in 325 oven till done.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Return from Utah

Today we got back from Utah where we helped Kristal & family move from St George to SLC where Jason is enrolled in the Architecture school at the University of Utah. I spent days putting things in boxes, at first trying to keep everything organized with objects that all would be put in the same room. As time went on, it was an accomplishment to just fill a box, regardless of where it would go. Jason's family was so helpful with taking care of the little girls while we packed, with loading, with cleaning and with getting them up to SL. It'll be hard not to have that support system nearby. We wish Kristal and Jason well on their new adventure.

Lately I have been trying to find information on what to do about painful arthritis besides popping a stronger pain pill, which is about all that doctors recommend, without any thought of cure. I've been reading a couple of books that have been helpful, especially one called "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell that has a lot of very valuable information about how diet is a key to preventing and overcoming not only arthritis but cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders and about anything else you might be suffering from. Its amazing how much of this information has been known for 50 years or more but has been suppressed by the very ones who should be helping people find the truth--doctors, scientists, etc., primarily because of financial reasons. Anyway I am planning to totally change my eating habits and will try to post my successes, failures as I learn what to do.

This Doctor, a biochemist and nutritionist, recommends a whole food, plant based diet with no animal protein (including dairy products and eggs) and no refined, processed foods. His book gives details of nearly 50 years of research to verify his findings.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Garden Mini-class

Recently I was asked to teach a Relief Society mini-class at home about gardening, since I've had a few years experience. I had about a dozen ladies attend and we met by the south patio and little pond. They had a lot of questions which hopefully I answered. I love this time of year in Heber--especially after we've had good rains and everything is green and blooming.

Our south patio and little pond with flowerbed of daylilies, phlox and mint. The frogs are happy!

This is our flower bed which Dave (Wendy's husband) thinks looks like a good spot for our final resting place!

Our large pond with goldfish, surrounded by a huge white fir tree, wild grape vines, vinca, columbine, lilies and other plants and an occasional snake (ick!) which likes the goldfish :(

View of our new north patio, a shady cool spot to relax in or barbeque.

Another view of pond, a magnetic attraction to all the neighborhood kids.

Looking south from patio

Looking out toward pond from new north patio

Gorgeous daylilies blooming in their best frocks

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What year do you belong in

You Belong in 1953

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Burnham Family Reunion

Been a while since I posted but for good reason. I was preparing for a big get-together with my family to be held near Heber over the 4th of July weekend. My mother who is 93 years old had requested that I plan one last year and there was lots to do to get ready but it was all worth it because many of my family came and we had a great time. Each living sibling was represented by at least one family of their posterity. Frank and I had all our kids here except Wendy who was down with a detached retina in her right eye.[Check her blog to be updated on that.] We brought her 5 kids out so there were 19 and 7/9 of us Greer's. All together there were over 80 in attendance, about half of the Burnham Bunch! We figured Mom has 115 total great grand children. Family came from Oregon, Ohio, various parts of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona; some flew, most drove. Many had never met before but there was lots of bonding and catching up on old times. We agreed we needed to do it again, but not wait so long for another.
There were lots of games and activities including horseshoes, frisbee golf, a treasure hunt, rocket launching, and a Burnham Family Olympics with 5 teams participating in 3 games at each of 5 stations. Many volunteer coaches, officials and other workers made the games successful and a little was learned about the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Rides in a cart and on 4-wheelers were fun for the kids.
Saturday night many attended the fireworks in Heber and were not disappointed. They're always awesome. Sunday Morning those who stayed attended a worship service/testimony meeting in Camp, conducted by Lance which was good.
We gave Kandra a baby shower to celebrate her much anticipated little boy in September.
In picture, Catherine, Emma, Kayla and Skyler try out Lance's 4-wheeler

Getting ready for Frisbee Golf: l-r, me, Rachel, Margeret, Scott, Catherine, Shirley, Craig, Trisha, Becca, Anna, Kim, Margaret, Danny, Garrett, Timothy and Jacob

Gloves and bat in hand, Garrett, Jacob, Sean, Lucky Lucy, Carolee, Emily, and Hunter are ready for a game.

Alyson, Jared, Kandra, Sophie, Jason, me, and Kristal are all working on clues for the Treasure Hunt.
Naomi modeling a cute T-shirt she made in YW especially for the Burnham Reunion

Just to recap what I thought were a few highlights of the event:
Those who traveled farthest by car to attend: Danny and Alyson from Denver, their second time ever to camp out! Curtis and Karalee with cousin Arlene from northern Utah
Those who traveled greatest distance by plane/car: Kandra/Jared from Ohio and Becky/Dean/children from Oregon
Family with highest percentage in attendance: Greer's with 19 out of 21 members
Total in attendance--nearly 90!
Oldest person in attendance, of course was Mom (Grandma Burnham) at 93 years
Oldest grandchild was here: Leonard with Christy;
Youngest grandchild: Samuel (Jimmy's)
Oldest great-grandchild here: Summer Skousen (Wendy's)
Youngest great-grandchild (to be) in attendance: Kandra's soon-to-be-born son (will be number 115, according to Curtis)
Families bringing grandchildren without the parents: LaVerne, 2; Carol, 4; Dawna, 5;
Lots of fun games: Frisbee Golf (Craig's several tree's-in-one!), Horseshoes (Who was the Champ??), Treasure Hunt
15 Olympic game competitions with the Fish (Janene's team) victorious!!! Go Fish!
Grandma Burnham a competitor on the Antelope Team in the Olympic games, winning points for her team--Way to go! What an example for everyone! How many will equal that at her age??
Many cousins who had never met, bonding as Best Friends
The soft dirt which the little ones loved to play and roll around in, eat, throw, stir up, dig in--way to go Sophie!
The Fish Pond with many great prizes for all by Carol and LaVerne
Each of Clinton and Rose's living children represented by at least one family
Snow cones by Tammi and Christy for the kids when it got hot
Rain which cooled everything off
Great fireworks show Saturday night
Sunday Worship services with testimonies for those who stayed

Olympic teams with coaches

Swallow team Coach Stephanie with team members Rachel, Sam, Naomi,Isaac and Emma
Flame Coach Lance with team members Hunter, Clay, Jacob, Jaelan, Hailey
Antelope coach Kim with team members Grandma Burnham, Shirley, Hunter, Becca and Margaret
Fish Team Coach Janene and assistant Chivonne with Kayla, Garrett, Carson, Tricia and Hyrum

Panda Coach Craig with Catherine, Anna, Ammon, Patrick and Skyler.

Each coach was very complimentary of each team member and how they had all contributed.

Burnham Family Reunion July 2-7, 2008

Tenille and Scott Avery with their children Bryon, Alyson, and Timothy relaxing in shade.

Carol, LaVerne and Mom enjoying visit
Men hard at work--Frank, Pat, Chase and Gene
Leonard and Christy Boughan enjoying the coolness of the mountains.
Carol's grandchildren ride the cart.