Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Camera, Fun Vacation in Puerta Vallarta, Boogie Boarding

My my, its been a long time since I've posted anything. We both were pretty busy going back and forth to doctors. Frank had two cataract surgeries and both eyes are doing well--for the first time since he was in 5th grade, NO glasses! Amazing! I had two benign lesions on my cervix removed. A urologist blasted (with sound waves) an 8mm stone in my kidney and Frank had a lesion on his arm removed (probably skin cancer). Along with these procedures there were many trips to doctors (the closest an hour away) for checkups, xrays, CT Scan, Ultrasound, blood tests, etc. etc. I had an emergency trip to the hospital for an injured spine and was down pretty much flat for 10 days. Anyway, we are finally doing great and are ready for some fun.

My digital camera suddenly without warning, died, quit--it went totally kaput. Frank bought me a new one for my birthday so I've been trying it out. My first subjects were of course my flowers--first signs of spring after months of cold WINDY weather. It was amazing but while Frank was gone helping Kandra and Jared move from Ohio to L.V., the trees overnight leaved out! One week they were bare and the next, brilliant green. Good thing they know what to do in spite of weather that made us wonder if spring would come at all.

Our longtime friends, the Beecroft's, invited us to spend a week with them at their timeshare (penthouse suite!) in Puerto Vallarta--a perfect opportunity to try out my new camera. We had a wonderful, relaxing time and enjoyed everything about our trip--the exotic resort, listening to the ocean waves, boogie boarding, long walks on the beach, late night movies on the VCR, lazy mornings and even keeping up with the "news" at home, courtesy of FOX news. It was a very relaxing week, just what the doctor ordered!

Sorry for so many pictures--I could have posted many more--my point and click camera does an awesome job. I will try to post pictures of the newest additions (!) at our Humble Abode this week if I have time. We are preparing to go on a road trip to New York for the pageant in Palmyra. We have been asked to serve as Hosts at the Peter Whitmer Farm during that time, along with my brother and his wife Louis and Louise. We will be gone a month (end of June to end of July) so of course you can count on getting a travelogue of that trip when we get back!