Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Bishopric

Today was an exciting day in Heber Second Ward as we saw the release of the existing Bishopric and the calling and sustaining of a new one. Bishop Squire and his counselors will be hard to follow but I know Bishop Chester Crandell, First Counselor Dustin Franco and Second Counselor Rodney Porter will do an awesome job. As our Stake President Farr said to Bishop Crandell, you don't need to worry about filling Bishop Squire's shoes, but rather the sandals of the Master.

It's About Time

Well, after months of avoiding this, I decided it was time to add an update to my page. Not a lot happens here at our humble abode so we travel to see our kids and grandkids when we can. Lately we have decided that we needed to repair our greenhouse as it was starting to fall apart. As we got into the job we found that the baseboard on the foundation had rotted completely out so the only option is to tear the whole thing down. Sad, like loosing a good friend.