Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back Home for a Time

Guess a month is long enough to go between blogs. Like exercise or dieting, it is hard to get back into after stopping for a while. The past couple of months have been busy, first in Utah helping Kristal and family move to Salt Lake and then this month in Ohio with Kandra, first awaiting the birth of her baby and then the event and aftermath. I had rushed out there ahead of schedule because the doctor assured her that the baby would come that week. Well. . .a week and a half later, when she had continued to dilate and efface but no labor, the doctor decided that Kandra might be able to use a little help. That Thursday, the 4th of September, she was admitted and induced. Things progressed slowly due to the baby's big head but that evening about 7pm a beautiful little baby boy, Gavin Reid Owens, was born weighing 7# 14 oz, 21" long and with a 14 1/2 inch circ. head. With long legs, he should be a natural athlete like his parents and just bulging with brains!

It was fun spending time with the new parents and 12th grandchild and hard to leave them. What made it easier was knowing that they will be here the first part of October during Jared's fall break; all of our kids will come for Gavin's baby blessing. As we were reminded today at church, our posterity brings us our greatest joys in life.

Daddy's Boy--just minutes old
Precious Bundle--worth waiting for!
Proud Grandpa--number 12 grandchild and 5th grandson
Dr.'s Diagnosis: Perfect in every way!
Go Ohio State Buckeyes! Ready for the big game--at least Gavin was, the team was not.


T and L Morris Family said...

Congrats on Grand baby #12! Kandra is so lucky to have had your help. It is so hard when mom has to leave...I couldn't even talk to my mom on the phone without crying!

I can remember when Kandra was born (or you found out you were pregnant)? Mr. Greer was running around the school so HAPPY & handing out Pokies..those generic M&M's! I can remember it clearly!

Tina said...

He really is darling... good work, Kendra!! So glad is over and all's well! xox

DeAnne Baum said...

How precious is he! I'm feeling a little old, I picture Kandra really young still. Congrats.

Thanks for the advice on the toe, I wish I could sit back and relax.....I don't think that will happen with 2 wild girls and a husband!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

It was so hard to see you guys leave especially after everything you have done for me. It has gotten easier and mom, I try to do what you would do. Thanks for being a great mom and example. You will be amazed at how much he has changed the last couple of weeks. We can't wait to come home next week!!