Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off again, on again, gone again Finnigan

The last couple of months have been kinda crazy and a hectic pace for a couple of old duffers like us. I was home from Columbus a couple of weeks trying to catch up on three weeks worth of projects inside and out and enjoying the beautiful fall weather and then had all the family home the first weekend in October for Gavin's baby blessing at our home, since it was General Conference that weekend. We had a really nice time with everyone, including Jared's family at both that event and a baby shower for Kandra the day before. Kristal and Kandra and kiddies stayed an extra 2-3 weeks & enjoyed getting to know the newest little member of the family.

After that we accompanied Kandra and Gavin on their flight back home to Ohio, since Frank had meetings in Cincinnati for a week. Jared had gone back two weeks previously as his Fall Break from school had ended. He was definitely glad to see the return of his little family and had the house clean and decorated for fall plus plenty of Halloween treats on hand.

We are home again for a couple of days, doing laundry, paying bills and other necessities before we go on the road again.

Regan modeling an apron her mother sewed for her. I was amazed at how quickly and expertly she got it done!

Sophie getting to know her cute little cousin Gavin

Couldn't resist an opportunity to get all three of the littlest grandkids at one time in one place.

Grandpa and Gavin in Ohio

What a handsome little boy and as good as he is good looking!

Kandra has Gavin ready to go Trunk or Treating in his cute little pumpkin costume. It fit him just right--he didn't need any stuffing to fill it out!

Naptime for all! Taking care of baby is an exhausting job.

Four generations--Kandra, Gavin, Great Grandma Burnham and Grandma Greer (me) at my mom's home in Mesa. Her yard always has lots of pretty flowers blooming.

Well, now its off to the Rez for a couple of days while Frank does Tech Prep stuff in Chinle, Kayenta and Ganado, then he will take me to St. George. He will have to return to Arizona a few days while he attends meetings in Prescott and then he will return to Utah. We will take care of Lance's four children while he and Shannon head to the Mediterranean for a cruise to several ports in Italy plus Malta, Spain, etc. We tried to convince them we needed to go also to help them celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary but no deal.


Kristal and Jason said...

I love all the pictures!! That one of Regan is pretty cute. You are two of the busiest people I know! You need a break!

T and L Morris Family said...

You guys are so awesome for "old duffers"!! You are super busy!! Everyone is lucky to have you travel to them...how neat!

Kandra's little boy is stating to look like Greer! Cute Grand kids!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I can't even tell you how grateful I am to have such great parents who will do anything for you. You guys have been so great the past couple of months that I don't know what I would have done without you. I really appreciate all that you have done for us. We love you!

Love the pictures!!

bdrain said...

I loved the picture of Frank, Kandra and Gavin all asleep. Babies really do wear you out. While it maybe exhausting traveiling that much, that is great that you've been able to spend so much time with grandkids. I hope we can do the same when we get some.

Becky and the Boys said...

I don't know that I could keep up with your busy schedule! Looks like fun!