Friday, July 11, 2008

Burnham Family Reunion

Been a while since I posted but for good reason. I was preparing for a big get-together with my family to be held near Heber over the 4th of July weekend. My mother who is 93 years old had requested that I plan one last year and there was lots to do to get ready but it was all worth it because many of my family came and we had a great time. Each living sibling was represented by at least one family of their posterity. Frank and I had all our kids here except Wendy who was down with a detached retina in her right eye.[Check her blog to be updated on that.] We brought her 5 kids out so there were 19 and 7/9 of us Greer's. All together there were over 80 in attendance, about half of the Burnham Bunch! We figured Mom has 115 total great grand children. Family came from Oregon, Ohio, various parts of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona; some flew, most drove. Many had never met before but there was lots of bonding and catching up on old times. We agreed we needed to do it again, but not wait so long for another.
There were lots of games and activities including horseshoes, frisbee golf, a treasure hunt, rocket launching, and a Burnham Family Olympics with 5 teams participating in 3 games at each of 5 stations. Many volunteer coaches, officials and other workers made the games successful and a little was learned about the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Rides in a cart and on 4-wheelers were fun for the kids.
Saturday night many attended the fireworks in Heber and were not disappointed. They're always awesome. Sunday Morning those who stayed attended a worship service/testimony meeting in Camp, conducted by Lance which was good.
We gave Kandra a baby shower to celebrate her much anticipated little boy in September.
In picture, Catherine, Emma, Kayla and Skyler try out Lance's 4-wheeler

Getting ready for Frisbee Golf: l-r, me, Rachel, Margeret, Scott, Catherine, Shirley, Craig, Trisha, Becca, Anna, Kim, Margaret, Danny, Garrett, Timothy and Jacob

Gloves and bat in hand, Garrett, Jacob, Sean, Lucky Lucy, Carolee, Emily, and Hunter are ready for a game.

Alyson, Jared, Kandra, Sophie, Jason, me, and Kristal are all working on clues for the Treasure Hunt.
Naomi modeling a cute T-shirt she made in YW especially for the Burnham Reunion

Just to recap what I thought were a few highlights of the event:
Those who traveled farthest by car to attend: Danny and Alyson from Denver, their second time ever to camp out! Curtis and Karalee with cousin Arlene from northern Utah
Those who traveled greatest distance by plane/car: Kandra/Jared from Ohio and Becky/Dean/children from Oregon
Family with highest percentage in attendance: Greer's with 19 out of 21 members
Total in attendance--nearly 90!
Oldest person in attendance, of course was Mom (Grandma Burnham) at 93 years
Oldest grandchild was here: Leonard with Christy;
Youngest grandchild: Samuel (Jimmy's)
Oldest great-grandchild here: Summer Skousen (Wendy's)
Youngest great-grandchild (to be) in attendance: Kandra's soon-to-be-born son (will be number 115, according to Curtis)
Families bringing grandchildren without the parents: LaVerne, 2; Carol, 4; Dawna, 5;
Lots of fun games: Frisbee Golf (Craig's several tree's-in-one!), Horseshoes (Who was the Champ??), Treasure Hunt
15 Olympic game competitions with the Fish (Janene's team) victorious!!! Go Fish!
Grandma Burnham a competitor on the Antelope Team in the Olympic games, winning points for her team--Way to go! What an example for everyone! How many will equal that at her age??
Many cousins who had never met, bonding as Best Friends
The soft dirt which the little ones loved to play and roll around in, eat, throw, stir up, dig in--way to go Sophie!
The Fish Pond with many great prizes for all by Carol and LaVerne
Each of Clinton and Rose's living children represented by at least one family
Snow cones by Tammi and Christy for the kids when it got hot
Rain which cooled everything off
Great fireworks show Saturday night
Sunday Worship services with testimonies for those who stayed


C&A Hensley Family said...

WOW!! It sounds like you had a great family reunion. It is good to get one going. I am glad they liked the fireworks. I haven't heard of anyone that is ever disappointed.. Thanks for the updates..