Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Return from Utah

Today we got back from Utah where we helped Kristal & family move from St George to SLC where Jason is enrolled in the Architecture school at the University of Utah. I spent days putting things in boxes, at first trying to keep everything organized with objects that all would be put in the same room. As time went on, it was an accomplishment to just fill a box, regardless of where it would go. Jason's family was so helpful with taking care of the little girls while we packed, with loading, with cleaning and with getting them up to SL. It'll be hard not to have that support system nearby. We wish Kristal and Jason well on their new adventure.

Lately I have been trying to find information on what to do about painful arthritis besides popping a stronger pain pill, which is about all that doctors recommend, without any thought of cure. I've been reading a couple of books that have been helpful, especially one called "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell that has a lot of very valuable information about how diet is a key to preventing and overcoming not only arthritis but cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders and about anything else you might be suffering from. Its amazing how much of this information has been known for 50 years or more but has been suppressed by the very ones who should be helping people find the truth--doctors, scientists, etc., primarily because of financial reasons. Anyway I am planning to totally change my eating habits and will try to post my successes, failures as I learn what to do.

This Doctor, a biochemist and nutritionist, recommends a whole food, plant based diet with no animal protein (including dairy products and eggs) and no refined, processed foods. His book gives details of nearly 50 years of research to verify his findings.


Becky said...

So does the book recommend going off wheat/gluten? I'm finding more and more people for whom it causes pain, fatigue, enlarged stomach, foggy-headedness, etc. I'm trying to eliminate it, but it's hard when bread has been my favorite food group, not to mention pasta, most desserts, etc. Good luck, and keep us updated! Your house and yard look great!

Dawna Greer said...

No, actually the author, who is a biochemist and nutritionist, says that animal protein with its accompanying fat and cholesterol, including dairy products and eggs, is the culprit. He has been a leading researcher and conducted many studies, including the China Study to prove it. He had been raised on a dairy farm and was a big meat eater himself and no one was more surprised than himself at the results he found. Its a great book.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

So what you are trying to tell me is that you are going vegan??

Good luck!!