Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Now that the holiday rush is over, the presents completed and unwrapped, the company gone and the mess cleaned up (well, the Christmas decorations have not all been tucked away for another year. . .but I've been gone), I thought that its time to get on to the next big assignment--the making of New Year's resolutions! Of couse I look at the Dark Dreary Deep Doldrums of Winter as hardly the time to get overly ambitious and make promises I probably won't keep. . . . Maybe the first day of Spring will be a good time to start them. . . . However, I'll make a list anyway to mull over and who knows what I may actually get accomplished? Here goes: 1. I'd like to spend more time studying the scriptures and other church publications 2. Get back into my exercise routine (which I abandoned a month ago in order to have time to complete Christmas sewing projects), and 3. Work on Family History again. Not a long list but then I don't want to overwhelm myself.

It was great having all our girls and their families here for Christmas--in spite of icy roads, long airport delays, etc. The little ones are so precious and fun to have around. Wendy and Family only spent Christmas day with us since Dave had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas night. Because Lance and family stayed in Utah, we traveled there afterwards to take gifts to them and spend a couple of days, bringing in the new year at First Night in St George then going to their cabin in Pine Valley for fun in the snow (lots of it!) the next day.

It has been fun watching all our kids be parents and see the love they have for their children and also the thoughtfulness and service they give to others. It really pleases us also to see our kids try to prepare themselves for what may await them in the uncertain future. Its actually an exciting time to be alive and we feel so blessed for the health that we have as we look forward to this new year.


Skousen Seven said...

I love your resolutions!!! I really don't make any because I know I can't complete them. I just try to do my best and be a better person as each year passes! Glad you got home safe and sound!
We really enjoyed Christmas with you and the girls. I wished that we could have stayed longer.
Love ya tons!!!!!!!!

Kristal and Jason said...

Those are good resolutions that I think are pretty do-able. We really enjoyed the time we spent in Heber and wish it could have been longer. We really appreciate all you have done for us. Thank you! We love you both so much!

DeAnne Baum said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years!

If you are interested I had to change my blog it is now Hope 2009 is good to you!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I like your resolutions. I really don't make any, which I should. My goal is just to keep my sanity intact, and to keep Gavin alive. My motto is ...keep it simple. hahaha
We had a great time in AZ too. We LOVE being home, especially at Christmas! Thanks for everything you do for us! We are the parents we are today because of you! You are the best.
Love ya!