Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring has Sprung or Wind has Won??

At this time of the year, that is always the big question. Am I going to spot the tiny signs of spring as they arrive in my yard, crocuses blooming and tulip and daffodil leaves poking through the dried out ground? Or am I going to vent my frustration at the unending wind and cold without moisture that it brings? Needless to say, the cute little flowers are a very welcome sight and give me hope.

A few years ago I planted tons of showy big purple crocuses like this one scattered throughout the lawn but this is the only brave one to survive, it seems.

Thought this was a cute picture of Frank getting a blood draw before his bone marrow biopsy. There was a time when he had to have this done that his free arm would be raised with a clenched fist and he would say to the Lab Tech, "We're not going to hurt one another, are we?" It has become very routine now (and will continue to be so) and he has become very mellow about it. For the most part, they are very skilled with their needles and he doesn't mind them at all.


Becky and the Boys said...

Beautiful flowers! Spring is definitely my favorite season - winter gets so dreary!

I can just see Frank saying that to the lab tech!

Kristal and Jason said...

I love the look of spring, but not the smell of spring. Has my eyes itching already. The flowers are a good sign. Good luck with all the renovations going on.

Fred and Sheila said...

This blogspot is so interesting ad informative and pretty! Thanks for sending me your address! Love, Sheila You are a great friend. Thanks for listening to my ideas tonight!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I don't anything has come out yet here because it is STILL COLD. It teased us with having a couple of days with great weather but now it is back down in the low 40's. Can't wait to see some foliage!

Dad is a CHAMP! Hope he has a great time in Vegas getting away from the house work:) and hopefully you don't kill yourself trying to put the house back together. I can't wait to see it.