Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

Frank was born on Friday, March the 13th, many years ago--68 to be exact. He always considered Friday the 13th to be lucky for him and said that the best birthday present he ever got was when his daughter Kristal was born on his birthday. As I lay hour after hour in labor that day I said, 'what a way to spend your birthday!' and he replied that he couldn't ask for a better present! She truly was a wonderful gift to all of us and was called the miracle baby because we had waited so long for her to come. I wanted to post baby pictures of both of them but my scanner isn't recognizing the computer or vise versa, anyway I can't scan the pictures in so will have to settle for those that are already in. I was going to post 13 nice things about each of them but since Frank decided to go to the Mountain West basketball Conference championships in LV this weekend with his brother and nephew to celebrate his birthday (and left me to the nasty job of getting the inside of the house painted) I didn't have time. So these 13 pictures of them will have to do.
Kristal graduates from Dixie as a Dental Hygenist

Little Celeste Franco with Grandpa 'n Grandma Greer

In Lake Charles after Hurricane Rita went through; Frank and Lance are sharpening a saw to help clear out broken trees from property.

Little grandaughter Kayla with silly Grandpa--peace out!

Grandpa Greer with two precious little grand daughters, Brinley and Regan

Celebrating a surprise 40th anniversary party given by our kids in 2005

Kristal with her two beautiful girls, Regan and Sophie

Kristal and Little Sophie Joy

Kristal, the bathing beauty!

Frank Shoveling snow that came a couple of years ago at this time--typical weather of the day he was born.

Frank with 4 handsome sons and equally handsome grandsons

Cookout at Black Canyon with the grandkids

Coach Frank giving the team the word. Kristal 3rd from left


mrs_jpyatt said...

WOW! That last picture sure brought back some memories! What a great story that was! Can't wait to see the baby pictures! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Dawna and Frank,

Friday the 13th is a great day to be born! Brooke and Blake were born in July on Friday the 13th. I remember people calling me and telling me not to have them on that day. (scheduled C-section) Roger and I still laugh about that.

We are thinking of you and you both are in our thoughts and prayers.

Laurie and Roger

Kristal and Jason said...

Nice little birthday tribute...thanks mom! I never minded having my birthday on dad's except that I had to endure carrot cake for so long, not that I don't mind it but I would have wanted my own cake ;)

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD AND KRISTAL!! I am so lucky to have such a great Family!
Love you guys!

thewaites said...

Happy Birthday Frank and Kristal! Better late than never right, haha!

I have been meaning to get to your blog just to tell you both how much I love you guys! We love you both and truly think the world of you! Frank you are one special man and not someone that could ever be forgotten, that is for sure! I still think of and use your ol' sayings from that year you taught is seminary and all those times you droves on PFUSA trips... Ah... good times! We love you both and have you in our thoughts and prayers always!