Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Port Ketchikan

The storm followed us as we entered Ketchikan early Monday morning and it was very cold, windy and the rain blowing horizontally. People said it was very unusual to have more than a 'mist' at this time of year in their city. We heard that often the next few ports. However, undaunted, we bundled up and headed for the town and and an excursion to the many totem poles in Totem Bight Park and learn of their history and legend. We then found our way to the shopping district right by the harbor. We were one of the first cruise ships of the season and of course the locals were happy to see their business swell after a long winter. With a coupon book given us on the ship, we found lots of bargains (and otherwise), but a lot of fun. I noticed almost all the native Alaskan souveniers were 'Made in China'! Whatever did we do before China knew exactly what we would want to buy?


Skousen Seven said...

So glad you had such an awesome adventure in Alaska. The pictures are so amazing. I love all of the poles! One last thing, have you tried out enough ships yet? You said you had to try out one before you took us all on a cruise. I am patiently waiting, which for me is extremely hard! LOL-- Love ya

Tiffany Peery's Blog said...

Loved the comment about "Made in China". TOO TRUE. :) Looks like you had some fun. One of these years I'll hit up Alaska I suppose...just not anytime soon. Look forward to seeing you all in July! Love, Tiff