Monday, May 19, 2008

North to Alaska

After spending a wonderful week on the beautiful peninsula of Olympia,Washington we returned to Seattle where we boarded our cruise ship, the Norwegian Star, a huge and beautiful ship with more than 3000 passengers (including crew) and headed for Alaska. The main dining room where we ate many of our sumptious meals was the elegant Versailles. Sometimes we went to the buffet for more casual meals. We enjoyed watching first class shows in the Stardust Theater in the evenings which included a magic show, singing, Chinese Acrobats, a singing and dancing troupe and others. At times it was fun listening to all kinds of music from the Blues to Easy Listening to Classical in various lounges and in the Atrium. My favorite combo was a 3 member band with instruments consisting of a violin, a guitar and a flute. They played almost continuously every kind of music from Country to Jazz to Classical or whatever. As the cruise got underway, a nasty storm came up which traveled with us most of the week. The waves were high and the sea rough; I woke up Mother's Day very seasick and nauseated. Ugh! Motion sickness pills helped but I spent most of the day in bed. Monday morning we arrived at our first port: Ketchikan, with the rain blowing sideways. Nevertheless, we were not deterred on our adventure. Pictures to follow. . .