Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hurray for natural immune boosters:)

Frank is doing better this week. He had a CBC done on Monday so on Tuesday the doctor's office called and said his white counts had gone up and wanted us to go down to Mesa for a dose of chemo. We were already on the road so that worked out well. The doctor said he doesn't have to have labs so often anymore--less needle sticks :)) and they've reduced his dose of chemo so that's g-r-e-a-t news! The doctor feels he is responding well to the treatment. He seems to be tolerating it pretty well although last night he suddenly felt like someone had pulled a plug and drained all his energy like a deflated balloon; he also had a fever of 100.9. Today he is better, no fever. It seems like the fever always happens a day or so after each chemo treatment but only lasts a day. He'll have another dose tomorrow in Mesa. We're working on getting his records copied to the oncology center in Show Low so he can take it there when he doesn't need to see his doctor. That will save lots of time, money and aggravation in travel :) especially during the summer months going to the hot Valley. Yeah!

The last two days have been so-o-o windy it sounded like our home, trees and all would be blown to the Utah border. Nasty!! We needed rocks in our pockets to even go outside so needless to say, we pretty much stayed inside. Suddenly this afternoon the wind totally stopped, it became calm, cloudy and cold for a few hours and then--a white-out snowstorm, covering the ground as night fell. Crazy end-of-April weather in the high country of Arizona!


Anonymous said...

So glad Frank is having a better week. Hopefully, he will get his records copied to the oncology department soon. What a blessing that he can have treatments closer to home. I'm sure this will help him improve and lift his spirits.
You both remain in our thoughts and prayers. I know this is hard for you too.

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Sis. Greer. Give Mr. Greer my love... my parents said he wasn't doing well and I've been thinking about him alot. He's in my prayers as is your family. I'm glad to hear he is doing better! Love Jess